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Cupid on the Shelf


The kids are back in school, and I have a small amount of time to reflect on December 2015.  Here are my random thoughts on this holiday season, in no particular order:

  1. If I can’t read the type on the back of the Libby’s pumpkin can, do I still have to bake the pie?
  2. Two best words of the season:  Amazon Prime
  3. Two worst words:  Gift exchange
  4. Apparently if given the choice of protecting us from the FedEx man or eating her dinner, our dog will choose her dinner.
  5. God bless my eleven-year-old who has decided gift wrapping is fun.
  6. The crowd of people shopping at Kendra Scott is truly absurd.
  7. Can someone tell me how to get the battery out of my daughter’s ugly light up Christmas sweater so it can be washed?
  8. I am sure all this weight I am gaining is going straight to my boobs, right?
  9. Why is the recycle bin so heavy?  Could it be the wine bottles?  Doubt it’s the Diet Coke.
  10. I really should ask my fourteen-year-old how to use this highlight/contour palette.
  11. My husband’s hamper is the best gift hiding place, as I cannot imagine a world in which my children would attempt to do his laundry.
  12. I will always cry during the candle lighting part of the Christmas Eve service.
  13. If anyone invents the Cupid on the Shelf, Leprechaun on the Shelf, etc., I will hunt them down.
  14. Same goes for Bunny on the Shelf, Uncle Sam on the Shelf . . . I think you get the idea.


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