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Shopping Mall Irritation

I love to shop, but like anything you love, there are always a few things that also drive you crazy about it. Here are my top five pet peeves.
1. Pink by Victoria’s Secret – this whole concept bothers me. Let’s sell sexy undies and bras to teenagers! And let’s show it on models who will make the average teenage girl feel like a whale in comparison! I feel so overwhelmed by all the lace and bright colors. Sometimes a girl just needs a nude colored undergarment, but good luck finding that here. What is a teenager to wear under her white Abercrombie skinny jeans? Please don’t let it be the panties from Pink that say “Thank You for Visiting” across the butt. I wish I were kidding, but I have actually seen them.
2. Those kiosk people who want to ask you questions – Please, please, please don’t try to sell me your hair, skin, or make up product. I just want to walk through the mall without being hassled. I am set in my ways. I go to the Clinique counter when it is bonus time and that is it!
3. The American Girl Doll Hair Salon – Don’t get me started on how overpriced this whole store is. At least it is a wholesome product that does not involve some kind of screen or technology. However, the hair salon kills me. And yet, one day during the Christmas holidays my daughter’s doll stood in line for over three hours to get her hair done to the tune of $20. In my defense, my daughter had a gift card because I swore I would never spend good money on a doll hair do.
4. Everything in the store is 40% off – Of course I like 40% off. It’s almost as good as 50% off. But now so many stores (Ann Taylor) run this type of special, that I feel I can’t shop there at other times. What kind of fool would I be if I bought something at 20% off, or god forbid, full price? Even more irritating is the 40% off one full-priced item (Banana Republic). Suck me into the store, and of course there is more than one full-priced item I like.
5. Marshall’s – Good bargains abound here, and I am not above slogging through some trash to find them. It’s just that once you have finally located your little gem of discount merchandise, you have to pay for it. The checkout line stretches for miles. They even have a computerized voice calling out the number to the next clerk. Inevitably, I over estimate how long it will take to find anything good and leave myself only ten minutes to check out. Good luck sister!


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