Meadowood Elementary

Jan. 2012

The windows sparkle, the floors shine, and the teachers and students at Meadow Wood Elementary are smiling.  On December 12th, 2011, they moved into their new school building after one and a half years at the transition campus.

“The kids are very excited,” says Principal Robye Snyder.  The school features state of the art technology, including special tables in the library that have tethers for iPads® and iPod Touches®.  They can remain out and available to the kids.  “It looks like an Apple® store when you walk in,” Snyder explains.

To help prepare students for the move, Assistant Principal, Rebecca Krug, and Counselor, Julie Emmons, worked with fourth and fifth grade student council representatives to create a video tour of the new building.  All of the students were able to watch the tour and see what their new school was going to look like.

“I think the new building is beautiful and neat.  I like my classroom.  I like the new water fountain,” says Addison Muehr, kindergartener.

Each grade level has its own pod with five classrooms. In the pre-k and kindergarten area, each classroom conveniently has its own restroom.  The building boasts bright colors and plenty of natural light. “I love the limestone wall in the library,” says Assistant Principal Krug, “It has windows where you can see out to the library garden.”

Moving a school of 450 students isn’t easy.  Principal Snyder commented that, “the PTA has been so supportive.”  Most of the books and supplies were packed and moved a week before the students arrived. PTA volunteers unpacked all week at the new building to make sure everything was ready for the kids on the 12th.

Principal Snyder also said that Spring Branch project manager, Morris Ashley, was a huge help.  “He really held our hand through the construction.”

The school will host a grand opening on February 2nd at 4 o’clock, with tours beginning at 4:30.  Stop by and check out the new Meadow Wood Elementary at 14230 Memorial Drive.

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