He Said She Said

Feb. 2012

Romance can be hard to fit in the schedule with work, kids, and the ongoing to-do list.  So, my husband, Andrew, and I decided to take one night and get away from it all.   And while men and women may view romance differently, we totally agreed on our destination:  the gorgeous Hotel Icon right here in downtown Houston.

As soon as we walked in, I gazed up at the intricately carved ceilings and soaring thirty-foot columns.   Built in 1911 as the Union National Bank Building, the property has undergone massive renovations, achieving the perfect marriage of opulence and elegance.

He Said/ She Said

Jennifer: “I love the architecture and the enormous bank vault door behind the front desk.”

Andrew: “I like all the natural light and the three TV’s in the bar.”

We sat down on the cow hide bar stools and listened to the bartender, aptly named Houston, recommend cocktails that he helped create.

Jennifer:  “I am not normally a whiskey drinker, but this “Fit To Be Tied” cocktail tastes great.  Must be the apple spice ginger and honey syrup.”

Andrew:  “This “Gran Exito” is a nice combo of margarita and mojito.  You get the flavor of the mint without the actual leaves floating around.”

The cheese platter provided the perfect complement to our beverages.  I enjoyed the olives, candied pecans and Maytag blue cheese.  Andrew preferred the hearty bread and redneck cheddar made with St. Arnold’s beer.

We took the charming, old-fashioned elevator up to our room and continued to be impressed.

Jennifer:  “It’s so grand, but also comfortable.  I want to take this robe home with me.”

Andrew: “This bathroom is huge.  Nice view out the windows, too.”

We headed to dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Line and Lariat, where Chef David Luna (formerly with Shade Restaurant) creates delectable dishes inspired by Texas’ coast, waterways, farms and ranches.  The warm historical ambience with generously spaced tables provided the perfect atmosphere for some much needed quiet conversation.

Jennifer: “I could eat this linguine with scallops and crab every day.”

Andrew:  “No seafood for me.  I’m sticking with the skirt steak and three cheese enchilada.”

Completely relaxed and almost completely full, we split the chocolate bread pudding – an excellent choice.  After a cozy, quiet night’s sleep, we were ready to return to reality, which was a quick ten minute drive back to the house.

This Valentine’s Day, try to get away with your spouse whether you agree with what “he said” or “she said.”   Regardless of your point of view, you’re both bound to have a great time – together!

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