Carter Boyd – Neighborhood Yardman

December 2011

With a cigar in his mouth, Carter Boyd rides his bicycle down Frostwood Drive holding his lawn mower as he pedals.  Carter has been caring for Memorial area yards for over 40 years.

Carter was born in Houston in 1945.  As early as twelve years of age, he started helping his brother in the lawn care business.  “I can remember when Frostwood was a dusty road,” he recalls.  He began with just a simple push mower and one yard.  Sometime in the 1970s, he got a power mower.  Now, he does about 25 to 30 yards a week.

Carter Boyd

“Back in the 60s, you could leave your mower out,” he mentions.  But sadly, that is not the case anymore.  A couple of years ago, Boyd left his mower tied up with a cable so he could go pick up an air filter.  When he returned, the cable had been cut, and his mower was gone.  An e-mail quickly went around the neighborhood describing the crime.  “Everybody in the neighborhood helped me get a new one,” he says proudly.

“We are happy to help out,” says Karen Tinsley, whose yard Carter has cut since they moved in ten years ago.  “Carter is always around and knows who is supposed to be in our neighborhood. He is a great watch person.”

Every morning around 6:30, Monday through Saturday, Carter attaches his bicycle to the front of a city bus and rides to a stop on Gessner.  He collects all of his equipment, which he stores behind a neighbor’s house, and then makes his way to his first yard of the day.  He often straps his leaf blower across his back and gets on his bike.  “I can put the lawn mower in drive, and it pulls me down the street,” he remarks, “but I have to keep one hand on the handle bars.  It is hard to wave.”

His friendly personality has endeared him to many in the area.  Not many men would knock on your door to see if your baby is napping before firing up the mower, but Carter cares about his customers.  He plans to cut grass in Memorial for as long as he is able.

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