What Would You Do?


I would definitely tell a friend if she had spinach in her teeth.  I am pretty sure I would tell a stranger she was dragging toilet paper from her shoe.  But other situations are not so clear to me, and I know I am more likely to chicken out than say something that might embarrass someone, or even worse, make them mad.

For example, a friend of mine noticed a woman at a swim meet who had on yoga pants that were somewhat transparent in the bright sunlight.  Others could see that she had on leopard print underwear, especially if she bent over.  So would you say something?  My friend sent out a quick text asking her friends just that question.  The majority of responders felt she should tell the woman, so she did.  Hopefully the woman was grateful and will invest in some solid nude panties or some thicker pants.

While on vacation recently, I was enjoying some appetizers and a glass of wine in the hotel lobby when a middle aged man propped his bare feet up on a nearby table.  I thought about going over and asking him to put his shoes back on, but that would be way too confrontational for me.  I also considered complaining to the bartender, but didn’t end up saying anything.  I will admit that my husband and I had a lot of fun taking a sneaky photo of the feet and posting it to Facebook.

In typical Elliott fashion, we were late to the airport for our return flight.  Since we were flying Southwest, we didn’t have assigned seats and were all four separated.  My kids are 10 and 13, so this was not too much of a problem.  I am a firm believer in not asking people to switch with you.  I generally feel that you should get your ass to the airport in plenty of time or suffer the consequences, even when it applies to me.  However, the woman sitting next to my younger daughter offered to move, so I accepted.

So here are my questions:

Would you ask someone to switch seats just to be next to your spouse?

Would you tell someone her pants were see through?

Would you ask a stranger to put shoes on?

Would you ask someone to stop talking on a cell phone if they were right next to you at dinner?



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3 responses to “What Would You Do?

  1. Michelle

    Ha, I love this. no, no, no (unless I could smell his feet, Yuke!) and yes if someone was talking to loud.

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