Sit Ups or Pie


As I stand in the checkout line at the pharmacy, I notice all the beautiful magazines tempting me with their glossy covers and provocative headlines.  I consider which one to buy.

I should be able to choose quickly, right?  I love recipe magazines, so I immediately narrow it down to either Cakes and Pies or Food Network.  That burger looks like it is topped with curly fries and ball park nacho cheese.  I crave ball park nacho cheese and might even suffer through an Astros home game to get some.

On the other hand, that ice cream pie with the chocolate and nut topping looks pretty darn good.  Plus they promise me 149 other top rated recipes.  I am not familiar with this magazine, but am guessing all the recipes are for cakes, pies, or some other similar sweet treat.  At this point, I even contemplate buying both.

I stand back a little to think and am bombarded by “Strip Away Fat”, “Drop Two Sizes” and “Shrink Your Belly”.  It hits me that if I buy both the food magazines and make the nacho cheese burger and 150 cakes or pies, that I will surely need to come back and buy all these fitness magazines.  Well – maybe not the men’s one, but certainly the other two.  Sounds like a conspiracy of the magazine journalism industry.

So perhaps I will skip the food magazines and get one of the healthy publications.  One promises to tell me the perks of eating carbs such as pasta, potatoes and bread.  That seems to go against all common sense, but I am sure I can be convinced to go along with that diet plan.  The other magazine cover offers me “the sex you want – every time”.

So it comes down to eating carbs with no fear or having great sex.  That’s not a decision I am prepared to make as the clerk says my prescription is ready.  On impulse, I grab the InStyle — because who doesn’t need 244 no-cost outfit ideas?



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One response to “Sit Ups or Pie

  1. kintsugi999

    Cakes & Pies.. there’s never enough of them (and I can’t eat them so I enjoy perusing, a bit of.. guilty pleasure there).

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